4 Affordable Mascaras for Long and Volumized Lashes

mascara, maybelline big shot, avon mark big & style, golden rose false lashes, smokey lashes

In the last couple of months, I have tried a bunch of different mascaras. In today’s post, I’ll write about the ones that I liked. All the others I decluttered. The mascaras I am talking about today are, except good, very affordable. I will write about Maybelline Colossal Big Shot, Avon mark. Big & Style, Golden Rose False Lashes, and Golden Rose Smokey Lashes.

My lashes are naturally curled and have a decent amount of volume and length but they are not as dark as my hair, so they are practically invisible without mascara. Mascaras that work best for my lashes are the ones with rubber brushes. For example, one of my all-time favorites is Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious, although it has some flaws (it removes very heavily). Now, let’s start talking about these four mascaras.

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express mascara

Maybelline says: Volumizing mascara for bold lashes in one coat. Lashes go powerful with Colossal Big Shot. 8 out of 10 saw bigger bolder volume. The Big Shot brush features unique, wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers bold volume. Ophthalmologist tested.

My impressions: Maybelline mascaras usually work very well for my lashes and I have tried a lot of them. When I first saw this mascara I actually thought it was just a limited edition of The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara, but I was wrong. This mascara comes in a luxurious golden packaging with purple letters and contains 9,5 ml in it. Mine is the black version. When I first started using it I was thrilled. It gave me both volume and length. The bristles are good, not too long or harsh. The formula of Big Shot wasn’t too wet, like some of the Maybelline mascara’s formulas. It applied easily and there was no clumping or smudging. But, after two or three months it has dried a lot. It is still okay and can be used, but I have to work with it a little bit more to get the best results. If I try to apply it fast, it will stick my lashes and won’t separate them as well as it should. Also, another “problem” I have with it is that it removes quite difficult. In spite of that, I would repurchase this mascara. I think that it is good for the price I’m paying. I recommend Maybelline Colossal Big Shot for persons with short lashes, I think that it would do magic for them.

mascara, maybelline big shot, avon mark big & style, golden rose false lashes, smokey lashes

Maybelline Big Shot, Avon mark Big & Style, Golden Rose Smokey Lashes, Golden Rose False Lashes mascara

Avon mark. Big & Style Volume mascara

Avon says: Introducing our 1st Mascara for limitless layers… Even on dried lashes. Each coat looks and feels as fresh as the 1st, even hours later! Lashes stay separated as volume builds. Exclusive Lash-Flex technology. Volumising, water-resistant, gel formula. Patented lash sculptor brush allows you to manipulate each and every lash. Instructions: Apply to lashes. To change styles add more layers until mascara you first applied becomes flexible.

My impressions: Avon mark. Big and Style mascara comes in a chunky black packaging and has 10 ml in it. Few of Avon mascaras come in the same packaging and their only difference is the color on the top. On this mascara it is blue. The formula of this mascara isn’t too wet. With one layer there is no epic difference, no volume. But, by adding more and more layers to the lashes after the mascara dries, lashes get bigger and more beautiful. This really is a revolutionary formula. Lashes get flexible in touch with another layer. There are no clumps, even after four layers! The more you apply, the lashes are going to look more beautiful. When it comes to the brush of this mascara, it could be better. For my taste, it is too big. Sometimes I get mascara on my lids and no one wants that. The good thing about this mascara is that there is no spider-lash effect. I think that this mascara would be a good choice for you if you like playing with your lashes and adding layers on them. But, if you want volume in one stroke you wouldn’t like it.

mascara, maybelline big shot, avon mark big & style, golden rose false lashes, smokey lashes

Golden Rose False Lashes mascara, Maybelline Big Shot, Golden Rose Smokey Lashes, Avon mark Big & Style

Golden Rose False Lashes mascara

Golden Rose says: This mascara creates full volumed, extra lengthened and instant lifted up lashes by dressing each lash separately with its perfect formula and flexible rubber brush. Repeat to build even greater volume and length without clumping or smudging. Creates an attractive and glamorous look all day long.

My impressions: Golden Rose False Lashes mascara has stunning, elegant silver packaging that looks very luxurious, and it contains 9 ml of product. This mascara separates the lashes quite good and lifts them up. It also gives both volume and length and justifies its name. This is a very cheap, yet great mascara. There is no clumping or smudging. It has rubber brush which has minimalistic design and it’s made to reach the lashes’ roots. If you are looking the world’s best mascara for lower lashes, stop looking, here it is! I think that this mascara is a lot better than many more expensive mascaras and that Golden Rose has stepped up their game.

mascara, maybelline big shot, avon mark big & style, golden rose false lashes, smokey lashes

The brushes of the mascaras

Golden Rose Smokey Lashes

Golden Rose says: A mascara that adds volume and fullness to the lashes thanks to a perfect combination of innovative smudge proof, quick-dry formula and unique soft fiber brush. Defines lashes with intense black color and creates a dramatic look for perfect smokey eye makeup.

My impressions: Golden Rose Smokey Lashes mascara has the same packaging as the previous mascara I wrote about, the only difference is the color of the packaging. It is rose gold. It also contains 9 ml of product. This mascara is made to complete the smokey eyes look and it is not the best choice if you want a natural look. With this mascara, lashes are great, very bold and they won’t go unnoticed. The formula of this mascara is very wet and a lot of product comes out on the brush, so I would advise taking off the excess of the product of the brush before using it. Otherwise, it will stick the lashes and make a mess. This brush isn’t something I usually like but it surprised me, it is quite good. Golden Rose Smokey Lashes mascara is intensely black. I would say that Golden Rose has a point when they say that this mascara is for dramatic, smokey eye look. If you like that, you will like this product.

Have you tried some of these mascaras and how did you like them?