Liquid Lipsticks: Mistakes & Some of My Favorite Lipsticks

liquid lipsticks: avon, golden rose, elixir

Is there a girl that doesn’t use liquid lipsticks? I would say no. For the past few years, girls all over the world have been loving this type of a lipstick. It is easy to use, it is pigmented, it is long-wearing. Can we ask for more than that? In this post, I will write about some common mistakes we all make when it comes to liquid lipsticks, and also I will mention some of the liquid lipsticks that I use. Let’s go!

No1 mistake: skipping the exfoliating and moisturizing

This is the most common mistake. Everybody talks about exfoliating the skin, but only a few remember to exfoliate the lips. Exfoliation is a very important step because liquid lipsticks need the lips to be smooth. When they are not, the lipstick will look chunky and won’t be flawless. Liquid lipstick will make the dry patches very visible, so be sure not to forget this step. You can buy lip scrub or you can make one yourself. There are tons of tutorials on the internet, just google it. Also, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any dead cells.

Moisturizing is another important step in prepping the lips for liquid lipsticks. When you are done with exfoliating, give your lips some food. Use a lip balm or some cream. Also, honey is great for the lips. If you haven’t tried it, you have to do it now. Just put the honey on the lips, wait about 10-15 minutes and rinse off the honey (or eat it).

No2 mistake: applying too much

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, less is more. Usually, one thin layer is enough. There are some lighter shades that need two layers, but they should also be thin. When applied too much, lipsticks tend to be sticky. Another advice I can give you is to apply the lipstick on the lower lip first.

No3 mistake: using lip liner after the liquid lipstick

This isn’t a good idea. Liquid lipsticks (especially if they are matte) usually dry on the lips and that makes blending them with the lip liner impossible (and blending is very important). There is no great philosophy: always use a lip liner first and liquid lipstick second.

No4 mistake: avoid THE line

We all hate that line on the inner side of the lips. It is especially visible when we wear nude or light shades of lipsticks. But, it is easily fixable. When you apply the lipstick, just take a tissue. Put it between your upper and bottom lip and kiss it. It will make the line disappear and also it will make your lipstick more long-wearing. You’re welcome!

Now, let’s talk about some liquid lipsticks I use!

liquid lipsticks: avon, golden rose, elixir

Liquid lipsticks: Elixir, Avon, Golden Rose

Golden Rose liquid lipsticks

Golden Rose has the most beautiful formula when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I own two shades: 23 and 26. They are matte, very pigmented, ultra long-lasting, kissproof and have a wide range of shades (about twenty-six at the moment). They have a creamy texture that is easily applicable. The applicator is flexible and easily manageable. Also, they are enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil. There are no parabens added in them. They have a beautiful vanilla scent and they last for hours. I will definitely buy more shades because I love these lipsticks, they are great quality. I have to try out their reds.

Golden Rose matte liquid lipsticks

Golden Rose Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Avon mark liquid lipsticks

In the 2017 Avon launched their first liquid lipsticks. They launched ten mattes and ten shiny lipsticks. I have two shades, one matte and one shiny. I like them both, they have a really good formula, I just don’t use the matte one as often because the shade (whipped late) is too light for my skin tone. The shiny one I adore, I love colors like this one (it girl). These liquid lipsticks also have great pigmentation, both shiny and matte ones. They have a diamond-shaped applicator and a fruity scent. Matte shades are creamy and not drying at all. They are not transfer-proof because of that. And be careful with shiny ones because they could end up on your teeth (read mistake N04 again to find out how to avoid that). I would like to try out more shades because they are gorgeous!


Avon mark Liquid Lipsticks: It Girl, Whipped Latte

Avon mark Liquid Lipsticks: It Girl, Whipped Latte

Elixir matte lipglosses

Lastly, I want to write about Elixir liquid lipsticks. They call them lipgloss, but they have a lipstick’s formula, that is why I am mentioning them. I have about ten shades of these lipsticks. They are very cheap. They are not as great quality as the Golden Rose ones, but they are worth mentioning. They are kissproof, as the Golden Rose ones. Some of the shades are completely matte and the others have tiny glitter in them. Elixir liquid lipsticks work best when applied in one thin layer. If you put too much, they won’t be comfortable on the lips. They can last for hours, but after about three hours I take them off and apply again, just because they are a little bit drying. There are a few shades that I really, really like: 332 (Mystic Orange), 331 (Baby Lips) and 339 (Sangria). Mystic Orange is a mauve kind of shade, it is ”your lips, but better” and it doesn’t have any glitter in it. Baby Lips is a fuchsia and it is completely matte, and Sangria is burgundy and has golden glitter in it. I also really like shade 330 Coffee, which looks like a metallic.


Elixir lipglosses: 332, 331, 339

Elixir lipglosses: 332, 331, 339


What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?